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*Japanese Import -  Japanese text*

This is the long-awaited first art book by illustrator "Yomu" who has gained popularity mainly on SNS and now has fans all over the world. In addition to more than 100 works, many illustrations drawn for this art book are also included. It is the culmination of his work, which has attracted a lot of attention in the original story and story of the animated work "Miru Tights" and in recent years the Twitter series "Synchronization-chan", and is expected to be more and more active in the future.

The softness of the character, the light and delicate touch, and the detailed depiction of the tights that the artist is particular about are also a must-see. We are particular about the cover design, and we have made it a specially processed book that you can enjoy by touching it as well as seeing it with your eyes.

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