Tom Strong Deluxe Edition Vol. 1 Hardcover

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by Alan Moore (Author), Chris Sprouse (Illustrator)
Comics legend Alan Moore introduces science hero Tom Strong in the first of three deluxe hardcover editions of the popular series illustrated by Chris Sprouse and many of comics' greatest artists, featuring an introduction by Alan more and additional character sketches.

Tom's remarkable exploits over a nearly century-long career feature an amazing cast of characters including his wife Dhalua (the daughter of a mighty chieftain), their daughter Tesla, the enhanced ape King Solomon and Tom's robotic valet, Pneuman.

In this volume, collecting issues #1-12, Tom finds himself battling in different times, worlds and realms, facing off against an eclectic group of enemies like the ruthless Paul Saveen, the mechanized Aztechs and the prehuman Pangaean—in places as diverse as New York, Venus, an alternate Earth and even the past.

"One of the most purely enjoyable comics on the stands today."--BOOKLIST

"Intelligent, imaginative story...a welcome addition to the superhero genre."--PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

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