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Morning light, sunset, back-lighting. We want to illustrate a person standing out under various "lights" and "shadows." This book is a collection of pose materials that contains easy-to-understand photographs were light hits a person and casts a shadow. By looking at how light hits and shadows are formed from various angles you can grasp the human body in three dimensions. You can also get hints for drawing dramatic and striking illustrations from portraits illuminated by natural and strong light. You can freely use these to help with the production of commercial and fan work to create magazines, doujinshi, drawings, manga, and illustrations.

The first half is "Shadow Material" that illuminates the face and body of male and female models from various angles. You can see how the shadows on the face and body change depending on the position of the light source.

In the second half, "Poses with backgrounds" we make it easy to grasp images and situations. With pose photos of male and female models in various scenes, illuminated by sunrise, daylight, and sunset, with characteristic shadows cast by windows, shade of trees, and light through the tree leaves as well as night-time lighting recorded.

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