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"THE BLUEPRINT 2" is a graphic anthology that collects four (4) original stories from the creative minds behind Identity Comics Studio (IDSTUDIOS). Each artist of IDSTUDIOS - Penelope Gaylord, Jerry Gaylord, and Bryan Turner - have their own stories with its own creative team. The book is half comic stories, half visual development art. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, we were able to beautifully print these books at the best quality to thank our backers. The books are in a handful of comic shops on the east and west coasts and we usually bring them with us to comic cons. But NOW you can order it online - here!

The book measures at about 11.25"x8". It's a hardcover book, 76 full-color interior pages, and even a dust jacket/belly band. Every book sold here will be signed by me and include a small quick sketch in the back (sketch will be determined by me).

STORIES INSIDE "THE BLUEPRINT 2" [All stories and art are property of their respective owners.]
-- HYPERBOY | Created and Drawn by Jerry Gaylord; Written by Kenny Groom
-- RETURN OF THE WAY | Drawn and Co-created by Bryan Turner; Written and Co-created by Kenny Groom
-- LITTLE DEVIL | Drawn and Co-created by Penelope Gaylord; Written and Co-created by Jeffrey and Susan Bridges
-- BROTHERHOOD OF FIGHTERS | Created and Written by Penelope Gaylord, Jerry Gaylord, and Bryan Turner; Drawn by Jerry Gaylord and Bryan Turner

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