Rey's Anatomy: Figurative Art Lessons From the Classroom

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The human body is a challenging subject to depict because of its intricate complexity and movement. “To do it well requires an in-depth knowledge of anatomy and an awareness of what lies beneath all parts of the body, for the greatest figurative art gives the impression that there is a living skeleton inside the body,” notes artist and veteran art educator Rey Bustos. With Rey’s Anatomy: Figurative Art Lessons from the Classroom, Bustos provides essential anatomical information, detailed studies, and valuable drawing tutorials to equip artists with a basic understanding of the skeletal structure and muscle system of the human body. Having taught figure drawing for 30 years, he presents complex concepts in a remarkably accessible manner, referencing works from the Old Masters to demonstrate how an artist can take the same anatomical knowledge and express it in diverse and personal ways and, with study and practice, portray the human form without being hindered by the process or the intellect. Rey’s Anatomy explores anatomy first, followed by daily drawing exercises to help refine one’s figurative work, while featuring the extraordinary work of his students throughout the book―alongside his own―a testament to how his lessons have benefited generations of artists.

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