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***Japanese Import***

The "Evangelion" series by Hideaki Anno, has been steadfastly popular all over the world.

It was newly released as the "New Theatrical Version" series, the first work "Evangelion New Theatrical Version 1.0" was released in 2009, "2.0" in 2009, and "3.0" in 2012, each one a big hit! 

Finally, in 2021, the final version of "Shin Evangelion Theatrical Version" will be released.

We received many requests about the hardcover official book "Complete Records" series published by Khara Co., Ltd., led by Hideaki Anno, which detailed the film's production in detail. We have re-edited hardcover books, which are now difficult to obtain, in a way that is easy for beginners to pick up. It is now re-released as an affordable softcover!

This first volume has a cover illustration drawn by Shunji Suzuki, the animation director of "1.0"! The same color illustration as a B4 poster is included!

In addition to recording thevisual story reconstructed with all cuts and all lines, setting materials from accessories to mechas and characters, art boards, and more are also here, so that you can understand the production process right up until its completion.

You can get a glimpse of the detailed production process of these works that have opened up new possibilities for animation.

In preparation for the final release of the "New Theatrical Version" series, please enjoy the book with condensed information that allows you to relive the excitement of "1.0".

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