About Us

This website is Labyrinth's latest effort to reach fans, artists and collectors of great books, toys and more. We are striving to add product all the time. The Labyrinth is a family run business.

The Labyrinth was started back in 1988 and was strictly a convention business. At that time it was all comics. Manga comics had just started coming out in English as 'floppy' comics.  Todd McFarlane introduced Venom and Michael Golden was drawing the Nam.  Over the years Labyrinth grew adding Star Trek products for the many Star Trek Cons it attended and later Manga and Anime products.

The modern incarnation of The Labyrinth really grew out of a few small tables set up at Sheridan College in Oakville during the early 2000s.  It was at that time that Labyrinth shifted from mostly comics to an art book business.  While the business was started by Dan Merisanu, it really flourished under his wife Jessica who ran The Animation Road Show at schools and companies for over 10 years.  For those wondering - Dan still helped out part time, while working his day job as an animator and layout artist.

After years of having to explain to folks at cons that we didn't have a shop - the first physical store was opened in 2006 on Bloor Street West in the Annex District of Toronto.  At that time there were almost 18 book stores in the area spanning Bloor Street (on the north side) to Spadina Avenue (east side) to Harbord Street (south side) to Markham Street (on the west side) That location ran for 12 years and is now closed.  A second Store opened across From Sheridan College in 2013. We are generally open 7 days a week under normal circumstances.

The Labyrinth continues to display at many comic,anime and video game conventions across Canada. If you see us, please stop by and don't be a stranger!

One of the things that sets Labyrinth apart is that it is run by a former Sheridan Graduate and Animator.  Being artists - definitely affects the selection of product we carry at the shop.  One of the things Dan never forgot from his days at Sheridan was when during a break from life drawing, the model said " you animation students are weird!".  That weird moniker is a badge of honor, like being called a nerd or a geek as far as Dan was concerned. Hopefully 'weird' people everywhere will find themselves among friends at The Labyrinth.

Besides selling stuff; anyone who has ever visited our shop would know - we love to chat about art and collectibles but also about life and learning. We can't wait to meet you!