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The long-awaited "Evangelion New Theatrical Version: Q" will appear in the "Complete Works" series of official materials published by Khara Co., Ltd., which is led by Hideaki Anno, the general director of the series, and records the trajectory of video production in detail!

"Complete Works" is a gorgeous series of materials that covers as much as possible the materials for making images. Suitable for the title of "Complete Works of All Records", the scene photos of all scenes are introduced in the order of the story, and the "Visual Story" that posts all the lines, as well as the character and Evangelion's aircraft, as well as the detailed weapons and background, etc. It consists of "setting materials" that allow you to understand the work more deeply, such as setting images to draw, image boards and art boards, and a wide variety of CG materials.

As the soft cover version, following the 1st volume of ": Introduction" and the 2nd volume of ": Destruction", the 4th volume of ": Q" We are finally delivering the "visual story version". This is the first time that "Evangelion New Theatrical Version: Q" has become a complete works of all records, and it is a long-awaited book for fans. T

his book "Evangelion New Theatrical Version: Q Complete Record Complete Works Visual Story Version" consists of the "Q: 3.333" version, in which all cuts were retaken in 2K resolution in 2021. It is a magazine that expresses the latest screening that better reflects the intentions of the production staff.

We also paid particular attention to printing in order to reproduce high-resolution screens. It uses the highly saturated color rendering printing that Dai Nippon Printing is proud of, and is printed with a method that can express a color gamut closer to RGB than conventional CMYK.

The cover illustration is based on the illustration by Takeshi Honda, the animation director of ": Q". The same color illustration as a B4 pinup is attached. The beautiful screen of "Q: 3.333" is condensed and recorded with all scenes and all lines. "Music Cue Sheet" and "Additional Script" that understands announcements and Gaya lines are also posted.

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