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***Japanese Import***

'Kusanagi' is a background company widely used in the world of movies, animation, and games. A culmination of these works showcasing a sincere attitude toward their projects, with technical capabilities that continue to meet the demands of clients, and receive praise from industry veterans is collected here!

We have selected 20 impressive titles to highlight the backgrounds and art setting images that sleep within the company, and added comments to all the images. Even those who are new to them can easily understand them.

Introducing many works of various world views, such as the rural scenery of Nagano of "Please Teacher", the precise setting of the "Final Fantasy" series, and the old New York of "Sakura Wars 5".

At the beginning of the book is a collection of "Kusanagi's birth secret story", a story of Kusanagi's struggle in the anime background industry. 

We hope that you will take this opportunity to experience this work in a special field of backgrounds that you cannot usually take a closer look at, and get to know it better!

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