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***Japanese Import***

'Kusanagi' is a background company widely used in the world of movies, animation, and games. A culmination of these works showcasing a sincere attitude toward their projects, with technical capabilities that continue to meet the demands of clients, and receive praise from industry veterans is collected here!

We focus FINAL FANTASY series where the overwhelming beauty of their graphics are a hot topic. We will post a lot of contents from the game titles in which Kusanagi participated with valuable cuts of unreleased artwork!

This time, we mainly collect fantasy color illustrations that Kusanagi has been involved in in the past, such as the Labyrinth of Forgotten at the time of "Chocobo ni Mystery Dungeon", Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy XII, Avalon Code, Rune Factory 2 & Rune Factory Frontier.

Reflecting on the fact that there are few color pages in Art Book IV last time, we have carefully selected and collected as many color illustrations as possible. Among them, the color illustrations of Final Fantasy XII is especially worth seeing in detailed design pictures. 

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