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Japanese Import - Japanese Text

Kantoku-sensei, a very popular illustrator who has worked on light novels, TV anime, and many other media adaptations and hit works! An anniversary art book commemorating the 20th anniversary of the debut of Kantoku-sensei, a kami-e artist who is active at the forefront of the illustrator world and continues to evolve even now, will be published in November and December 2023 for two consecutive months!

The second installment, "SHIZUKU," includes a large collection of illustrations by star heroines such as "Ichika" and "Three Sisters (Hiromi, Kei, and Kanna)," including the popular character "Shizuku" who represents the teacher's original artworks! In addition, a number of original artworks from the past "more than 300 items" from the works presented by Manken in the university days to the present are posted at once!

In addition, a long poster at the beginning of the volume using a cover illustration includes a memorial interview in which the secret story of the creation of the popular signboard girl "Shizuku" is revealed! The total number of pages that tell the depth of the history of the teacher is a masterpiece "320 pages"!

The culmination of the original artworks that Kantoku-sensei, a god painter who has attracted the envy of many creators as well as fans, has been drawing for 20 years is now here!

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