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***Japanese Import - Japanese Text***

This is an official fan book that condenses the charms of the heroines of both "SSSS.DYNAZENON" and "SSSS.GRIDMAN" (Yumeme, Chise, Mujina, Second generation, Akane, Rokka).

The cover illustration is drawn by sub-character designer Mayumi Nakamura!

?Color illustrations published in magazines, etc.
?Heroine setting introduction & story playback
?Mumei Minami, Shion Wakayama x Chise Asukagawa, Chika Anzai
?Interview with Ayaka Suwa, the role of Mujina
?Interview with Karin Takahashi, the role of the second generation
?Interview with director Satoshi Amemiya
?Interview with screenwriter Keiichi Hasegawa
?Character design ?Masaru Sakamoto x sub-character design ?Interview with Mayumi Nakamura
?Art setting introduction
?Original picture book

In addition, the initial design proposal for the precious heroine is detailed on 9 pages!

Includes the entire book "SSSS.GRIDMAN Heroine Archive Akane & Rokka" (BOOK A) released in 2019!

Contents of BOOK A:
?Color illustrations of the heroines of Akane and Rokka
?Setting introduction & story playback
?Akane & Rokka Original Art Collection
?Art setting introduction (Akane's mansion, Rokka's house)
?The role of Akane Shinjo ?Rena Ueda x the role of Rikka Takarada ?Yume Miyamoto Interview
?Akane Shinjo ?Rena Ueda x Alexis Kerive ?Toru Inada Interview
?Rokka Takarada ?Yume Miyamoto x Mama Rokka ?Mayumi Shintani
?Director Satoshi Amemiya × Character Design ?Masaru Sakamoto Interview
?Ending Story ?Director ?Animation Director ?Interview with Mayumi Nakamura

+ More than 40 Akane and Rikka color illustrations that were not originally published in BOOK A!

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