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***Japanese Import***

The precocious beautiful body of a dazzling fairy ---- A collection of new sensational poses that fully express the charm of nudity.

The charm of a female body line Consists of four chapters, "loveliness," "beauty," "coolness," and "bewitching." 

[Pose 01 Relax]
Everyday casual and relaxed poses. You will be healed by the carefree bright smile and the lovely gestures peculiar to a girl.

[Pose 02 Art]
A three-dimensional effect that is emphasized by shooting with shadows. In a backlit photo, it should be interesting to pick up and draw the part that is exposed to the light.

[Pose 03 Cool]
A silhouette that changes greatly by wearing heels. From cool poses to funny poses, changing hairstyles can change the mood.

[Pose 04 Sexy]
A girl who is ashamed but willing. Soft chest, buttocks, and thighs. By drawing the facial expressions of your fingertips firmly, you will end up with a richer and deeper picture.

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