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For a limited time only, the book comes with Dongho's autograph and a complimentary postcard, and a poster.

This wonderful book is a collection of his many doodles, sketches of extraordinary places, and many artworks he created while traveling New York. You will notice that his work reveals his own interpretation of space. He enjoys taking a place and adding his own characters or a story plot to bring a familiar touch to readers to become drawn into these places.

View his drawings that have been created from New York. He has created this book hoping that readers will enjoy seeing famous landmarks, inspire readers to explore the beauty of The Big Apple.

Dong Ho Kim was born in Seoul, Korea. He had majored in Comic Art and is now working as a webtoon (webcomic) artist. He has also been illustrating various spaces that he had visited during his travels.

One of his major works is his urban sketchbook series called, Drawing the Space. He is actively participating in various projects such as exhibiting his personal works, murals for corporate offices and giving lectures on how to illustrate for book covers, etc.

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