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INSPIRE is a collection of drawings, paintings, and digital works by Viktor Kalvachev. It features work from the last 6-7 years while living in Paris, France when he was filling one Moleskine sketchbook after another with drawings of characters and situations he'd see on the street and in his imagination.

150 gsm uncoated Munken Pure paper is used to capture the feeling and base color of Viktor Kalvachev’s original Moleskine sketchbooks, while his colored pieces are printed on a pure white 150 gsm Coated paper.

The Hard Cover Edition features a more luxurious hard binding and two additional art pieces, featured on bright red endpapers.

The publisher added original pencil drawings (faces) by Viktor on 8.5x11 paper  and we are including a random one with each copy we sell. so if the amazing book was not enough to tempt you, here is another reason.

This is one of our favorite sketchbooks of all time here at the Labyrinth. If you appreciate incredible technique, humour and beauty - this book is the book for you! It's called inspire and if you like to draw - it will inspire you to start sketching.

216 pages printed in full color

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