Movement & Form: A Comprehensive Guide to Gesture, Movement, Posing, and Design in Figurative Drawing

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A comprehensive guide to gesture, movement, posing, and design, in figurative drawing. Foreword by Aaron Blaise. Bring movement, life, and believability to your drawings. Samantha Youssef's Movement & Form brings greater understanding of the gesture and body mechanics of a pose, and trains the artist to carry those qualities through in the design and aesthetic of the figure in his or her drawings. The Youssef Drawing Syllabus has been a successful program that has produced excellent results in professional and amateur artists alike around the world. The concepts in Movement & Form are explained in a clear and structured method that is easily understood and absorbed. Drawing is a language. The tools acquired in Movement & Form give you mastery of the grammar and vocabulary of gesture drawing so that you are able to express the full range of your artistry in your work..

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