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*** Japanese Text ***

A collection of poses with pistols, shotguns and rifles "correctly" held.

Hundreds of pose photographs and line art illustrations are recorded on a CD-ROM as trace-free material.

Completely supervised by Monthly Arms Magazine, a completely new collection of firearm poses is here! Modeled by the monthly Arms Magazine's proud firearm specialist, Kaiju Booska, and the authentic Sabage idol, Misami, who has obtained a real gun license! 

To address questions such as "How should I hold a pistol or rifle in the first place?", "Where should I draw the cartridge case in the manga frame?", "How should I draw the moment when I shoot?", hands holding the gun from various angles, poses of the whole body, changes in the gun at the moment of shooting, explanations of the direction in which the cartridge case flies, etc. are produced with points of drawing that are useful for manga with various illustrations and photographs.

You can use the illustration of the firearm recorded on the CD-ROM by pasting it on the manuscript as it is, or you can draw the original gun action by referring to the pose.

Since the photos and illustrations are held by a gun specialist, you don't have to worry about holding things the wrong way!

If you want to draw a character with a cool gun, this is a must-have book!

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