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*** Japanese Text ***

Big boobs, plump thighs, round and plump buttocks... Many sexy female characters appear in manga and anime. 

However, unlike real woman, the charm of manga / anime characters are shaped by their own deformed skeleton and muscles. Therefore, in this book, we thoroughly dissect the unique "bones" and "flesh" of manga / anime-style girls. What kind of skeleton do they have? What kind of flesh is used to make the plump thighs and buttocks? How can you draw the undulations for the soft but firm breasts? We will explain the technique for drawing a girl's body attractively from the basic part of bone and meat.

From standing poses to sitting poses to sexy and naughty poses, you will learn to express difficult poses in three dimensions. Including content such as how to draw faces, hairstyles, underwear, and swimsuits! This is a must-read book if you want to draw a sexy and attractive girls!

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