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Please Note: This is set is *extremely* limited! LAST CHANCE. Only 3 sets left available to order. Why have regrets? Get it before they are gone. 

***Korean Import***

The Collectible Card Set was designed and produced by the KJG family-owned Kim Jung Gi Museum in South Korea.

This card is crafted from plastic, featuring a unique drawing by KJG on each one, meticulously chosen by KJG's family. Among them, you'll find well-known illustrations, including KJG's self-portrait. Whether you keep it as a cherished memento or use it for inspiration, this item offers 80 different ways to be inspired by the master's work.

What you get: 80- Collectible Card Set, each card showcasing a unique drawing, are packaged in a clear acrylic case adorned with the KJG Museum label.

Dimension: 2 x 3.5 inch


Please also note: Current ETA for these is June 2024.  Therefore, note that: To any customers who pre-order this item along with other items in the same shopping cart at check-out - we will only ship out your full order when this item arrives in, so that they all ship together.


As all us Kim Jung Gi fans know, he passed away too young and left a wife and 2 children behind.  This set of cards helps support the family and memory of Kim Jung Gi. 

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