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This compilation showcases the exceptional talents of Tony Sandoval, featuring a delightful array of whimsical illustrations, personally curated selections of art, and a captivating exploration into multimedia. The book "Orgánica" is rooted in his compelling urge to weave his distinctive tapestry of folk stories and singular concepts. Within its pages, one encounters drawings that serve as keen observations of deformities, as well as echoes from dreams and memories.

Organica has been thoughtfully designed by Hyun Jin Kim, the CEO of Superani.

This book is a must-read for artists aspiring to enhance their character development and storytelling skills. Tony Sandoval's insights and artistic mastery serve as an inspiring guide, making it an indispensable resource for those eager to share their imagination with viewers.


Tony Sandoval, a three-time Eisner Award-nominated writer/artist, has authored numerous books across various publishers. Hailing from the picturesque desert in the northwest of Mexico, embarked on his artistic journey, drawing inspiration from the enchanting surroundings. He is an illustrator and graphic novel author driven by a passion for crafting his own universe through his artistic strokes. He places a profound emphasis on the importance of lines in his artistic process, perceiving the world through the lens of lines and subsequent illumination. While proficient in various techniques, his heart resonates most with watercolor, a medium he favors for its ability to move freely, embodying an expressive quality that transcends deliberate control.

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